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In the vibrant tapestry of football clubs that dot the world, the APF Football Club (Armed Police Force Football Club) stands as a beacon of excellence, commitment, and unwavering dedication to the beautiful game. Founded with a mission to promote football in Nepal and provide a platform for talented players to shine, APF Football Club has a rich history, a diverse set of teams, a substantial budget, and a strong presence in the country’s football landscape.

Establishment and Mission

The APF Football Club was established in 2002 under the banner of the Armed Police Force Nepal, one of the country’s major security agencies. From its inception, the club has aimed to harness the potential of Nepal’s youth and develop them into world-class footballers while simultaneously fostering the sport at the grassroots level.

Teams and Divisions

APF Football Club competes in various domestic and international competitions through its diverse set of teams, catering to different age groups and skill levels. Some of its primary teams include:

  1. Senior Team: The flagship team of APF FC competes in the Nepal National League and various national and international tournaments. The senior team is often a breeding ground for emerging talent in Nepalese football.
  2. Youth Academy: The club has a thriving youth academy that grooms young talents and prepares them for competitive football. The academy has produced several notable players who have gone on to represent Nepal at the international level.
  3. Women’s Team: APF FC is also home to a women’s football team that competes in the Nepal Women’s Football League. The club has been instrumental in promoting women’s football in Nepal.
  4. Junior Teams: APF FC runs junior teams in various age categories to nurture talent from an early age, providing them with the necessary coaching and facilities.

Total Budget and Infrastructure

The club’s substantial budget is allocated to various aspects of football development, including player salaries, coaching staff, infrastructure, and youth development programs. The APF Football Club boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including training grounds, fitness centers, and accommodation for its players and staff. This commitment to infrastructure has been crucial in their journey to becoming one of Nepal’s football powerhouses.

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Famous players’ list

APF Football Club has been home to several talented players who have made significant contributions to Nepalese football. While the list of famous players associated with the club is extensive, here are a few notable individuals who have donned the APF jersey and made their mark:

  1. Anil Gurung: Anil Gurung is one of Nepal’s most prominent footballers and has played as a forward for APF FC. He has represented the national team and has been a prolific goal scorer for both club and country.
  2. Rohit Chand: Rohit Chand is a versatile midfielder and defender who has made waves in Nepalese football. He began his career with APF FC before venturing to international leagues, showcasing his skill and dedication.
  3. Kiran Chemjong: Kiran Chemjong, a goalkeeper, is known for his remarkable reflexes and shot-stopping abilities. He has been a vital asset for APF FC and the national team, earning accolades for his performances.
  4. Saroj Dahal: Saroj Dahal is a midfielder with incredible passing ability and vision on the field. He has played a crucial role for APF FC and has been a consistent performer.
  5. Ananta Tamang: Ananta Tamang, a talented defender, honed his skills at APF FC’s youth academy before transitioning to the senior team. He has become a stalwart in the Nepalese defense.
  6. Nawayug Shrestha: Nawayug Shrestha, often referred to as “Bimal,” is a forward known for his goal-scoring prowess. He has been a prominent figure in the club’s attack.
  7. Sabitra Bhandari: Sabitra Bhandari is a renowned women’s footballer who has represented APF FC’s women’s team. She is widely regarded as one of Nepal’s top female footballers.
  8. Manish Dangi: Manish Dangi, a midfielder, has been an integral part of APF FC’s midfield, contributing with his passing and playmaking abilities.

These players have not only shone at the club level but have also made significant contributions to the Nepalese national team, carrying the reputation of APF Football Club onto the international stage. Their dedication and talent have inspired a new generation of footballers in Nepal and continue to make the club and the country proud.

History in Football Matches

APF Football Club has consistently displayed its mettle in domestic and international competitions. Over the years, they have achieved remarkable success, clinching multiple titles and accolades. Some of the significant milestones in their history include:

  1. Nepal National League Championships: The club has won the Nepal National League title multiple times, establishing itself as one of the country’s premier football clubs.
  2. Domestic Cup Competitions: APF FC has consistently performed well in domestic cup competitions, adding to their rich trophy cabinet.
  3. International Appearances: The club has also represented Nepal in various international tournaments, gaining invaluable experience and exposure on the global stage.

Community Engagement

Beyond its on-field success, APF Football Club is deeply committed to community engagement. They actively participate in grassroots football development programs, host football clinics, and engage in social initiatives to promote the sport’s growth in Nepal.


The APF Football Club, with its storied history, diverse set of teams, substantial budget, and commitment to community engagement, stands as a pillar of Nepalese football. It continues to serve as a symbol of excellence, nurturing talent and fostering the growth of football in Nepal. As they strive for greater achievements, their legacy in the world of football is set to continue for generations to come.

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