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Didn’t you get an Australia Driving license using a fake license from Nepal?

If so, anyone can be caught by the Australian police at any time.

In Australia, a Nepali driver’s license can be used to drive a vehicle without restriction.

But in recent times, the trend of misusing the facility is increasing.

The use of fake license is also increasing among Nepali students misusing the facility of driving abroad with a Nepali license.

In Sydney, a Nepalese student has been punished for driving with a fake license.

Those Nepalese students who are going to go outside of Sydney for permanent residence are facing court proceedings in addition to paying a fine of about 30 thousand Australian dollars.

Similarly, the police arrested three people from Malaysia while driving on the basis of fake foreign licenses.

According to the police, on the afternoon of September 17, 2022, a foreigner was detained with a fake license during a police check in Griffith, New South Wales.

Police found the Malaysian license displayed by a 42-year-old Malaysian driver living in Mildura, Victoria, to be fake.

When the police checked the license shown by him, they found that the person had only a motorcycle license in Malaysia and that too had expired in 2005.

On further investigation by the police, it was revealed that he has not obtained a license from any state in Australia and has been living on a bridging visa for the last 6 years.

Police ordered him to appear at Griffiths Local Court on 7 December 2022.

Where the charge of driving a vehicle without a license was proved as a crime.

The police have also written to the Australian Immigration Department to review their visa decisions.

Along with him, on September 18, two more Malaysian citizens were charged with driving with a fake license of the same nature.

The two men were arrested by the Griffith Highway Patrol in Rankings Springs near the Midwestern Highway when the Griffith Highway Patrol conducted a vehicle check.

In this way, if the holder of a fake driver’s license gets into an accident or causes an accident, the student visa will be canceled and they will be deported.

That is why students should be serious about such matters, said Dr. Gyanendra Regmi, the former general secretary of NRN Australia.

“It will be fine as long as they drive the vehicle, but if there is a minor accident, they may get caught badly during the subsequent investigation, so fake licenses should not be used,” he said.

He suggested not to use fake license and parents should also be aware as the accident will be connected with the student’s own life.

“It is important for potential parents to be responsible in order to prevent the painful incident of Nepalese students who have come to study higher education due to minor carelessness in such matters”

Regmi said, “Son and daughter will be sent licenses without understanding anything and if they do not understand the status quo and policy rules here, how terrible will be the result.”

It seems necessary to know.’ The use of fakes in vehicles is a question of the safety of many citizens, it is a big crime, it can cause a serious incident, so it should be punished to the extent.

Police said that the driver’s license of the Nepali student who died in a motorcycle accident last week is under suspicion and is being investigated.

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