Twelve years ago, the Supreme Court sentenced Charles Sobhraj to life imprisonment.

After the verdict, standing in the court premises, the then twenty-two-year-old girl angrily gave an interview to the media.

His words were- the court did injustice to my lover Sobraj by sentencing him to life imprisonment! Being very angry, she insulted the court and the judge.

Then he was charged with contempt of court. The court sentenced him to 7 days imprisonment.

After a day in prison, she apologized and was released.

It is believed that she was the girl who saved the dreaded criminal Sobraj, who is known all over the world as a serial killer.

It is these implications that have finally succeeded in freeing Sobraj from imprisonment.

For twelve years, since she stood in the Supreme Court’s courtyard and spoke in 2067, she continuously tried to free Sobraj.

Only yesterday, Wednesday, the Supreme Court ordered the release of Sobraj from prison.

78-year-old French national Sobraj was sentenced to life imprisonment for two murders in Nepal.

Despite being sentenced to twenty years, the court agreed to release Sobraj a year ago.

The Supreme Court heard the arguments of the lawyers before ordering Sobraj’s release.

Anita is one of the lawyers who freed him. Anita has been giving open interviews about Sobraj and her relationship in various media.

In the interview, she also said that she was engaged to Sobraj.

How did Nihita meet Sobraj, who was almost 45 years older than her, who was imprisoned for a murder committed long before her birth?

How did Sobraj, who was involved in crimes like murder, theft and fraud in different parts of the world, become her lover?

How did Anita become his lawyer?

Although not certain, it can be speculated that the mother behind their meeting may be the reason behind it.

In Wednesday’s order, the court heard arguments from two senior advocates on behalf of Sobraj, along with Shakuntala Thapa and Nichita Biswas.

Shakuntala Thapa is Anita’s mother. According to those who know Sobraj and Ankita, they met in jail.

Not sure how long Shakuntala has been Sobraj’s lawyer.

But she was Sobraj’s lawyer when the Supreme Court decided the case in Kathmandu District Court in 2067.

Shakuntala also made comments about the judge after the verdict in the court premises.

He was also charged with defamation.

Therefore, it can be assumed that Ankita and Sobraj got to know each other through Shakuntala.

But it is not confirmed that Shakuntala used to take her daughter Nimita to the jail when she went to meet Sobraj.

Shakuntala had told her lawyer friends that she did not meet with Sobraj for the purpose.

The American news organization Associated Press (AP) conducted a video interview with Anita in 2008 (around the year 2065).

A small portion of the interview can be found on YouTube. At the bottom of that video clip is the ‘script’ prepared after the conversation with Nihita.

According to the information in the script, Anita and Sobraj met in March 2008.

She was hired to act as an interpreter for Sobraj’s French lawyer. He met Sobraj through that lawyer.

In the video, Anita said about Sobraj, ‘He cares a lot about the people around him.

So he wants to love her even more.

I am getting to know and love her every day.

We met and talked a lot.

But he did not propose to me.

While talking, I realized that we have reached the decision to get married.

So we will do the engagement. We don’t talk about marriage anytime soon because it’s going to happen one day.

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I am sure he will leave soon.

Because there is no evidence that he is the killer.’

In the said video, Anita said that she happily agreed to marry a man 40-45 years older than her.

She also praised Sobraj saying that age does not matter and that he is a mature and active person.

She also stated in some other media that she is an adult and can make her own decisions.

She said that age makes no difference in love.

As he was convinced, the court did not rule in favor of Sobraj. Kathmandu and Bhaktapur District Courts sentenced Sobraj to life imprisonment.

The case then went to the Supreme Court for appeal.

The Supreme Court also upheld the same decision.

History and Biography of Charles Sobhraj :

According to various international media, Sobraj is the son of an Indian father and a Vietnamese mother.

His parents were not married. Later his mother married a French citizen and Sobraj inherited her guardianship.

Sobraj was involved in petty crime from his teenage years. He was first convicted of robbery at the age of 19.

After his release from prison, he became involved in criminal activities.

Active in theft, robbery and fraud, he escaped from France and came to Asia after some time.

He committed many frauds and robberies in other Asian countries including India.

Although he was arrested many times, he did not give up his crime.

He would steal the passports of tourists and go to different places under the same identity and commit crimes.

According to The Guardian, he started killing in the 1970s.

Although 20 people including Nepali, Indian and Thai citizens have been killed, this number is expected to be more.

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He is said to have drugged tourists and robbed and killed them into unconsciousness.

He was also arrested in India in connection with the crime.

Although he was sentenced to two decades in prison, he paid bribes and lived in prison with many facilities.

In between he escaped from prison but was recaptured. After his release from prison in 1997, he returned to Paris.

Five or six years later, he came to Nepal.

The Nepal Police got the news of his arrival and went to arrest him at the hotel where he was staying.

The Nepal Police was looking for him for his involvement in the 28-year-old murder.

On 6th Poush 2032, the body of a foreigner was found in Sanga of Bhaktapur.

Three days later, another foreigner’s body was found in Kathmandu’s Manohara.

The bodies of American citizen Connie Jo Bronzich in Manohara and Canadian citizen Carriere Laurent in Sanga were found.

Both were found to have been murdered in the same manner.

Police investigation revealed that both were killed by Sobraj and his group.

Sobraj was arrested by the police and prosecuted.

At that time, Sobraj gave a statement that he was not in Nepal at the time of the murder and did not commit the murder either.

Although he denied it, the police had circumstantial evidence including the fact that Sobraj had come to Nepal with the passport of another foreigner at the time of the incident.

Therefore, Sobraj was found guilty by the Supreme Court in both the murder cases.

Shakuntala, the mother who represented Sobraj in both these cases, was a lawyer.

A few years ago, Sobraj started petitioning the court saying that he should be exempted from imprisonment due to his age limit.

Shakuntala was Sobraj’s lawyer in that petition as well. While mother Shakuntala was fighting Sobraj’s case in the court, it seems that Anita started studying law.

In the meantime, Nitta graduated with a law degree and obtained a lawyer’s license.

Pohor Sobraj filed a writ of imprisonment in the Supreme Court.

He filed a writ with demands such as the fact that he has a heart disease and that he should get the facility of exemption from imprisonment provided by the law.

In this case, Nihita argued in the Supreme Court as a lawyer on Wednesday to free Sobraj.

The implied claim was that Sobraj should be acquitted from the original case.

In this way, after 12 years of knowing her, Ankita managed to get rid of her lover Sobraj by arguing on her own.

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