EV Or Petrol/Diesel Vehicle ? Maintenance, Costs, Efficiency, Energy consumption, Pollution Effects


 In current days Evs are getting more popular than Petroleum/Diesel vehicles. which one do you think is more appropriate? I have published this report based on this topic. 


Which would be appropriate ?

This topic can be understood through the following points :

* Less Maintenance : All EVs require less maintenance than petrol or diesel vehicles. eg.

For the first 100000 kms the new EV only needs tyres and filter to be changed. But petroleum vehicles need more parts to be changed as compared to EVs.

* Solar Panel and EVs: EVs can charge itself during running period as well as it with the help of solar panels settled on its roof. In many countries, the feed in tariff used to be great(up to 60C per KWh).

* Noise Pollution: Evs are the best option for those who loves silent ride. EVs contribute less part in sound pollution as compared to petroleum or Diesel Engines.

* Environment pollution: Petroleum engines generate more CO2s than any EVs. which directly impact on atmosphere as well as people’s health. Thats why many countries include extra taxes on Petroleum vehicles (eg. excise tax). But somehow batteries of EVs also contribute in pollution. These problems should be solved or replaced with other best options.

*Instant Torque: EVs From zero rpm a motor deliver maximum torque than petroleum/diesels.

*Heating and Cooling system: many EVs have this function so you can settle into the car with the perfect cabin tempreture.

*Electrons: Before buying EVs you should have charging station at home. But these days many countries adding charging station at petrol pumps. This means you should full charge your EVs before you leave the house. 


*Warming up the car: EVs dont need to warm up early morning as compared to petroleum. Petroleum cars in winter need warm up to start.

* Price: EVs are more efficient than other Vehicles but in case of price EVs are expensive than petroleum/diesel cars. By the days it will become easier to the price or EVs.

In summary What are petrol cars ?

Pros of petrol cars: 

* come with an economical price tag

* Petrol engines are easier to tuneup.

* They offer better agility – acceleration and speed-than EVs.

*engines last longer than electric motors, petrol cars have long service life.

Cons of petrol cars:

* They consume gasoline which leads to overwhelming volumes of CO2 emissions, thus polluting the environment.

*Despite being affordable to purchase, petrol cars are overall heavy on the pockets due to high fuel and recurring maintenance costs. 

 What are Electric cars?


* Feel lighter to drive

* can install charging station at home.

* they help to reduce carbon emissions.

* electricity is cheaper than petroleum.

*also fast and less noise.

*can enjoy tax benefits


* After coverage of distance it needs recharge which can be a problem. They only cover few kms daily.

* Installation of charging station at home can be expensive.

*EV battery replacement costs can be hard on the pocket. however a battery has 10 years shelf life.


 Point of comparison

Electric cars or vehicles

Petrol cars or vehicles

Buying cost


Cheaper than EVs

Maintenance cost

Expensive or high

Cheaper or less

Carbon emission



Fuel cost




Higher range in the city than villages or off roads

Efficient in all types of roads


For Developed countries or Developed Infrastructure.

For affordable countries.

Suitable for all types of countries though petroleum price getting high day by day.






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