You all know that FIFA World Cup Football has started today from 20th Nov 2022. How curious is everyone?

Yesterday, the opening of the first FIFA game between Qatar and Ecuador from “Group A” was very exciting. With the 0-2 victory of Ecuador, FIFA has already started. The victory was decided after about 12 minutes of extra time between these two teams.

Summary of the game is given below :-

Day 1

QatarTeam StatsEquador
0Shots on target3
80%Pass Accuracy84%
4Yellow Cards2
ZeroRed CardsZero
3Off Sides4

The group summary of the upcoming matches can be understood through the following picture…

Img Credit :- You can Watch even through twitter link is below:

Summary of this Week’s games Chart:- Tie Sheet

DayMatchesGroupDate/Time(Nepal Time)Remarks
1Qatar vs EcuadorA20th Nov 20220-2(Ecuador won)
2England vs IranB21th Nov6-2(England won)
Senegal vs NetherlandsA21th Nov0-2(Netherlands won)
3USA vs WalesB22th Nov, 00:45 Tue1-1(Tie up)
Argentina vs Saudi ArabiaC22th Nov, 15:45, Tue1-2(Saudi Arabia)
Denmark vs TunisiaD22th Nov, 18:45, Tue0-0(Tie up)
Mexico vs PolandC22th Nov, 21:45, Tue0-0(Tie up)
4France vs AustraliaD23th Nov, 00:45, Wed4-1(France Won) 
 Morocco vs CroatiaF23th Nov, 15:45, Wed 0-0(Tie up)
 Germany vs JapanE23th Nov, 18:45, Wed 1-2(Japan Won)
 Spain vs Costa RicaE23th Nov, 21:45, Wed 7-0(Spain Won)
5Belgium vs CanadaF24th Nov, 00:45, Thu 1-0(Belgium Won)
 Switzerland vs CameroonG24th Nov, 15:45, Thu 1-0(Switzerland Won)
 Uruguay vs South KoreaH24th Nov, 18:45, Thu 0-0(Tie up)
 Portugal vs GhanaH24th Nov, 21:45, Thu 3-2(Portugal Won)
6Brazil vs SerbiaG25th Nov, 00:45, Fri 2-0(Brazil Won)
 Wales vs IranB25th Nov, 15:45, Fri 0-2(Iran Won)
 Qatar vs SenegalA25th Nov, 18:45, Fri 1-3(Senegal Won)
 Netherlands vs EcuadorA25th Nov, 21:45, Fri 1-1(Tied)
7England vs USAB26th Nov, 00:45, Sat 0-0(Tied)
 Tunisia vs AustraliaD26th Nov, 15:45, Sat 0-1(Australia won)
 Poland vs Saudi ArabiaC26th Nov, 18:45, Sat2-0(Poland won) 
 France vs DenmarkD26th Nov, 21:45, Sat 2-1(France Won)
8Argentina vs MexicoC27th Nov, 00:45, Sun 2-0(Argentina Won)
 Japan vs Costa RicaE27th Nov, 15:45, Sun 0-1(Costa Rica Won)
 Belgium vs MoroccoF27th Nov, 18:45, Sun 0-2(Morocco Won)
 Croatia vs CanadaF27th Nov, 21:45, Sun 4-1(Croatia Won)
9Spain vs Germany28th Nov, 00:45, Mon 1-1(Tied)
 Cameroon vs Serbia28th Nov, 15:45, Mon 3-3(Tied)
 South Korea vs Ghana28th Nov, 18:45, Mon 2-3(Ghana Won)
 Brazil vs Switzerland28th Nov, 21:45, Mon 1-0(Brazil Won)
10Portugal vs UruguayH29th Nov, 00:45, Tue2-0(Portugal Won)
 Ecuador vs SenegalA29th Nov, 20:45, Tue1-2(Senegal Won)
 Netherlands vs QatarA29th Nov, 20:45, Tue2-0(Netherlands Won)
 – –29th Nov, 21:45, TueNo game
11Iran vs USAB30th Nov, 00:45, Wed 0-1(USA Won)
 Wales vs EnglandB30th Nov, 00:45, Wed 0-3(England Won)
 Tunisia vs FranceD30th Nov, 20:45, Wed 1-0(Tunisia Won)
 Australia vs DenmarkD30th Nov, 20:45, Wed 1-0(Australia Won)
12Poland vs ArgentinaC1st Dec, 00:45, Thus 0-2(Argentina Won)
 Saudi Arabia vs MexicoC1st Dec, 00:45, Thus 1-2(Mexico Won)
 Croatia vs BelgiumF1st Dec, 20:45, Thus 0-0(Tied)
 Canada vs MoroccoF1st Dec, 20:45, Thus 1-2(Morocco Won)
13Japan vs SpainE2nd Dec, 00:45, Fri 2-1(Japan Won)
 Costa Rica vs GermanyE2nd Dec, 00:45, Fri 2-4(Germany Won)
 South Korea vs PortugalH2nd Dec, 00:45, Fri2-1(South Korea Won)
 Ghana vs UruguayH2nd Dec, 00:45, Fri0-2(Uruguay Won)
14Serbia vs SwitzerlandG3rd Dec, 00:45, Sat 2-3(Switzerland Won)
 Cameroon vs BrazilG3rd Dec, 00:45, Sat 1-0(Cameroon Won)
 Netherlands vs USARound 163rd Dec, 08:45, Sat 3-1(Netherlands Won)
 Top 16 Started3rd Dec, 00:45, Sat 
15Argentina vs AustraliaRound 164th Dec, 00:45, Sun 2-1(Argentina Won)
 France vs PolandRound 164th Dec, 08:45, Sun 3-1(France Won)
 England vs SenegalRound 165th Dec, 00:45, Mon 3-0(England Won)
 Japan vs CroatiaRound 165th Dec, 20:45, Mon 1-1(Tied)
13Brazil vs South KoreaRound 166th Dec, 00:45, Tue4-1(Brazil Won)
 Morocco vs SpainRound 166th Dec, 20:45, Tue3-0 (By Penalties Morocco won)
 14Portugal vs SwitzerlandRound 167th Dec, 00:45, Wed6-1(Portugal won)
 15Croatia vs BrazilQuarter Finals9th Dec, 08:45, Fri4-2(Croatia won by Penalty)
16Netherlands vs ArgentinaQuarter Finals10th Dec, 00:45, Sat 3-4(Argentina won by Penalty)
 17Morocco vs PortugalQuarter Finals10th Dec, 20:45, Sat 1-0(Morocco Won)
 18England vs FranceQuarter Finals11th Dec, 00:45, Sun 1-2(France Won)
 18Argentina vs CroatiaSemi-Finals14th Dec, 00:45, Wed 3-0(Argentina Won)
19France vs MoroccoSemi-Finals15th Dec, 00:45, Thu 2-0(France Won)
 20Croatia vs MoroccoThird place play-off17th Dec, 20:45, Sat 2-1(Croatia Won)
 21Argentina vs FranceFINAL18th Dec, 80:45, Sun As I Predicted: Argentina won the FIFA 2022 Cup
 Winner of the FIFA World Cup 2022 is Argentina

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