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France have been given a warning by Argentina ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup finals, Argentina’s team is not the same as it was in 2018.

At that time, France won 4-3 against Argentina in the last 16 match. Argentina’s team was barely scraped together four years ago.

It was a difficult situation for Argentina in the World Cup qualifiers. But Messi’s inspirational late-game performance saw Argentina qualify for the 2018 World Cup.

This time the Argentine team is united and Messi’s combination with young players is playing a great game. However, the 2018 game could have some impact on Sunday’s game.

In the 2018 World Cup, Argentina also made it to the group stage.

Therefore, before the match against France in the last 16, everyone predicted that the opposing team would dominate Argentina.

France conceded a penalty 13 minutes into the game in Kazan, Russia.

In which Griezmann did not miss and gave France the lead.

At that time, Mbappe and Matuidi’s excellent performance saw France attack Argentina continuously.

In the game, France made a strategy to stop Messi. He was not being allowed to move forward by constantly monitoring the defenders of France.

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Because of this, Messi was having trouble creating opportunities for his teammates.

N’Golo Kante was especially stopping Messi.

Deschamps, France’s coach, said after the game that he succeeded in his plan to stop Messi from moving forward and obstructing his passing.

Argentina played a lama lama pass.

Which also worked. Di Maria scored in the 41st minute and Gabriel Mercado scored in the 48th minute to give Argentina a 2-1 lead.

FIFA2018 France vs Argentina:

As a result, France was forced to attack more effectively and precisely.

Paul Pogba scored in that game. He was seen all over the field.

As a result, the French attack was intensifying.

France went forward, influencing the midfield and keeping Argentina off balance.

Lucas Hernandez took advantage of that. He made effective passes from the left to the wing on overlapping runs.

Because of this, France could create a chance. As a result, Pavard scored in 57 minutes and Mbappe scored in 64 minutes.

The fourth goal on 68 minutes was equally excellent.

Mbappe ran so fast to counter-attack that he made no mistakes.

He scored his second individual goal and fourth for the team.

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After the match, the Argentine coach commented that despite his team’s good performance, Mbappe’s incredible performance meant Argentina lost.

Towards the end, France played backwards. Because of this, Argentina managed to score the third goal.

Apart from Mbappe, who performed well in that match, Hernandez, Pogba and Kante are not in the France team.

Sunday’s game is sure to be different from the previous four encounters.

So this final match watched by millions of fans from all over the world will be so exciting.

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