Exercising our minds is just as important as keeping our bodies fit. One way to enhance our cognitive abilities and critical thinking skills is by solving puzzles and riddles. These intriguing brain teasers not only entertain us but also provide a mental workout that can improve our problem-solving abilities and overall IQ. In this article, we will explore some puzzle questions that can help you sharpen your mind, including an IQ 50 question with its solution. We will also discuss effective ways to practice and improve your puzzle-solving skills.

The Importance of Puzzles for Mental Development: Puzzles and riddles engage our brains in complex problem-solving tasks, stimulating various cognitive functions such as memory, logic, creativity, and pattern recognition. Regular practice with puzzles can enhance these cognitive abilities and improve overall mental agility. Moreover, puzzles offer a fun and engaging way to challenge ourselves and overcome mental barriers.

Practicing Puzzle Solving: Here are a few tips to enhance your puzzle-solving skills:

  1. Start with easier puzzles: If you’re new to solving puzzles, begin with simpler ones to build your confidence and familiarize yourself with different types of riddles. Gradually increase the difficulty level as you progress.
  2. Stay persistent: Some puzzles may initially seem impossible to crack, but don’t give up easily. Persistence and a positive mindset are crucial when tackling challenging riddles. Break the problem down into smaller components and approach it systematically.
  3. Collaborate with others: Engaging in puzzle-solving activities with friends, family, or online communities can be both enjoyable and beneficial. Sharing ideas, discussing strategies, and learning from others’ perspectives can help you develop new problem-solving techniques.
  4. Diversify puzzle types: Explore different puzzle genres such as logic puzzles, math problems, word games, lateral thinking puzzles, and visual challenges. This variety will exercise various aspects of your brain and broaden your problem-solving skills.

Puzzle Question and Solution:

Question: What is the next number in the series? 2, 5, 9, 14, 20, __?

Solution: The pattern in this series involves adding consecutive prime numbers to each term. The sequence begins with the prime number 2. Adding the next prime number, 3, to 2 gives us 5. Adding the subsequent prime numbers (5, 7, 11, 13) to the terms in the series, we get 5, 9, 14, 20. Therefore, the next prime number, 17, should be added to the last term, 20, resulting in the next number in the series: 20 + 17 = 37.

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Here are some 10 additional IQ questions for you to solve. These questions cover various cognitive abilities such as logic, math, and pattern recognition. Try to solve them on your own before checking the solutions provided below.

  1. What number is missing in the sequence? 8, 27, 64, ?, 216
  2. If a plane crashes on the border of the United States and Canada, where do they bury the survivors?
  3. Which word in the English language is spelled incorrectly?
  4. A farmer had 15 cows, and all but 8 died. How many cows does the farmer have now?
  5. How many times can you subtract 10 from 100?
  6. If you rearrange the letters “CIFAIPC,” you would get the name of a(n) __________.
  7. What comes next in the sequence? 1, 4, 9, 16, 25, __
  8. A snail is at the bottom of a 20-foot well. It climbs up 5 feet during the day but slips down 4 feet at night. How many days will it take for the snail to reach the top of the well?
  9. If you had only one match and entered a dark room containing an oil lamp, some kindling wood, and a newspaper, which would you light first?
  10. Which number should replace the question mark in the series? 2, 3, 6, 9, 18, ?


  1. 125
  2. Survivors are not buried; they are alive.
  3. Incorrectly
  4. 8 cows
  5. Once. After subtracting 10, it becomes 90.
  6. Pacific
  7. 36 (square of 6)
  8. 16 days (On the 16th day, the snail reaches the top and stays there.)
  9. The match
  10. 27 (each number is obtained by multiplying the previous number by 1.5)

Feel free to try more of these questions or seek additional IQ resources to further challenge and expand your mental abilities!


Engaging in puzzles and riddles is an excellent way to boost your mental acuity and improve critical thinking skills. By challenging yourself with puzzling questions regularly, you can enhance problem-solving abilities, memory retention, and overall IQ. Remember to practice persistence, collaborate with others, and diversify the types of puzzles you attempt. So, dive into the world of brain teasers, and enjoy the journey of unlocking your full cognitive potential. Happy puzzling!

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