The New Zealand government has imposed a lifetime ban on the purchase of cigarettes, keeping public health at the center.

The government has banned it for life especially targeting the youth.

According to the law passed by the government to gradually control tobacco smoking, no one born on or after January 1, 2009 can sell tobacco or cigarettes.

This means that the minimum age for buying cigarettes will be increased.

In theory, anyone trying to buy a pack of cigarettes after 50 years will have to show an ID showing that they are at least 63 years old.

Health officials believe that the scourge of smoking will disappear from the country before then.

They have set a goal of making New Zealand smoke-free by 2025.

The new law has also reduced the number of retailers who are allowed to sell cigarettes from 6,000 to 600, and the amount of nicotine in tobacco has also been significantly reduced.

There is no good reason to allow the sale of products that kill people and there is a high risk that half of the people who use it will die from it.

Ayesha Veral told the Parliament. She said that she is confident that after the banning law is passed, smoking will end.

“Billions of dollars will be saved by not having to treat complex diseases such as cancer and heart attacks caused by smoking, and the health of today’s young generation will be healthy. And, it will inspire future generations to live a smoke-free life,” she said.

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