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In the World Cup 2022 in Qatar, superstar Lionel Messi is in the center of fans around the world.

There are such supporters of Messi all over the world, who only care about their hero lifting the title. They say, “Messi wins the World Cup, that’s all they need.”

Looking at the hulia of 18-year-old Abdur Rahman from Bahrain, who was found at Lusail Stadium on Friday night, it can be said that he is a supporter of Argentina and Lionel Messi.

He wore a jersey with Messi’s name on it, an Argentina flag around his neck and a painting with ‘O Argentina Vamos’ written on his cheek.

18-year-old Rahman is an engineering student. He had saved his lunch expenses for 6 months to come to Qatar.

He came to watch Argentina’s match after spending a lot of money, he says, ‘I started following Messi since 2010.

I have known him since I was 6 years old.

Today I can’t believe me and Messi are inside the same stadium, breathing the same air’ he said to Al Jazeera, ‘I like Argentina very much, that’s why I learned their national anthem and celebration.’

There were many supporters of Argentina in Lusail Stadium at that time. Lucille Stadium is the stadium with the highest capacity of the ongoing World Cup.

In Lucille, which has a capacity of 89,000 spectators, many had Messi’s name on their faces and the number 10 jersey with his name on their bodies.

Not everyone came from Argentina. Here, not only the country but also the continent was different. Mohammad Adil and his family are also “die heart” supporters of Messi.

They had arrived in Qatar just a few hours ago from India to watch the quarter-final match against Argentina.

Adil and his three sisters were hanging around every corner of Argentina. That game was no less dramatic.

A total of 17 yellow cards, one red card, an extra time match and a penalty shootout win was a great time for the Argentine fans.

These three sisters were also very happy. Adil said, “Messi is my happiness. I am seeing him from a few meters away, this moment I will always keep in my heart.”

His sisters had come to Qatar to watch this one match.

They returned to India within a few hours of the match, but said that they would support Messi and Argentina by watching them on television from South India.

The South American team has great supporters and support not only in some regions but in the entire world. There are many supporters of Argentina in South Asia as well.

Who are supporting Argentina in the World Cup. Messi’s supporters are all over the world. A glimpse of it was also seen in this World Cup.

Supporters from different countries were seen in Argentina jerseys.

On December 9, when Lautaro Martinez scored a penalty to give Argentina the win, the emotional closeness between strangers was evident.

They hugged each other and celebrated the victory of Argentina. 22-year-old Haopeng Wang from China was among those seen in Argentina’s jersey.

He bowed his head until the 35-year-old Messi raised his hand among the supporters.

“Messi is God for me,” he said, “Messi made a great pass that showed the magic of his game. I was very emotional. Even outside the stadium, people’s celebration was not less.

A group of Bangladeshi supporters were running outside with a Bangladeshi flag displaying a photo of Messi.

They mixed Messi’s name in their song. Fakhrul Islam, one of the same supporters, said, “Messi needs the World Cup and the World Cup belongs to Messi.”

If Messi does not win the World Cup even once in his career, it will be a shame for football. Our prayers are with him.”

Islam expressed his expression of prayer by raising both hands while looking at the sky.

Yasin, another Messi supporter from Sudan, has traveled 2,000 kilometers to Qatar to see Argentina win the World Cup for the third time.

He said he had come to see the ‘best footballer ever’ and would not go home until Argentina won the title.

As thousands of supporters streamed out of Lucelle, he stood with a gentle smile like a calm sage, displaying handmade posters.

In which it was written in Spanish, “It’s time for the World Cup, Messi is here.”

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