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Some time ago, after opening an office in the name of money transfer, the nature of Hundi( Money Laundering) business from Australia has changed in recent days.

Now a days transactions worth crores have started to be done by giving the name of remittance through apps of various names.

What is Money Laundering? Watch the video below by BBC Stories:

By collecting money from Australia and sending it to Singapore, Hong Kong and China, or giving it to businessmen there, more than a dozen associations are doing business illegally.

For this, there is a problem of collecting money in small shops.

An active gang led by 4-5 businessmen from Sydney has created posters and remittance apps across Australia offering attractive rates with gift schemes.

The meeting held in Sydney every day is based on the commission of the dollar and the trading is done accordingly throughout the day.

Currently, about ten million rupees are sent from Australia to Nepal every day, but most of the money, except for a part of that money, reaches the businessmen of other countries.

According to the data of Nepal government, the situation of dollars going from Australia to Nepal is less than one percent.

That is why the trade deficit between Nepal and Australia is huge.

Thousands of Nepali students who come every year for higher education have brought billions of rupees into Australia.

But the money they earned from here and sent to Nepal is not visible in the government data because it goes through illegal channels.

Want to know about the term Money Laundering? or Hundi? then watch the video by Khan Sir:

Most Nepali students send money from Australia to Nepal. Their number is now around 75 thousand.

Apart from that, other PRs and citizens also do business. The cover of Hundi business, which used to be open, has now been changed.

To Know the meaning of Hundi read the article by Wikipedia:


After hearing that the Hundi transaction was wrong, they made an app and continued the transaction in the name of different remittances.

It is said that he has opened a remittance company under different names claiming to be affiliated with a private bank in Nepal and collecting money through Facebook and Viber.

On the other hand, they have started working miraculously by depositing the money in the bank account of Nepal within one or two hours after the payment.

Some of them have campaigned with the slogan ‘Money in account within an hour’.

Banker Anil Shah had said that Nepali who came to earn abroad for the greed of some more money leave the legal way and send money through hundi.

Speaking at a program held in Sydney some time ago, he said,

“Everyone adopts the way to get there quickly and gain four rupees.”

But it is important to explain that this money will reach Hong Kong and Guangzhou, but not Nepal.

He claimed that the business of hundi will be stopped only if there are responsible citizens who understand everything.

“Only if citizens understand everything and are responsible, then the Hundi will end and money will enter Nepal through official channels.”

Banker Shah has also accused that the Hundi business has flourished in Australia from Nepalese citizens, taking advantage of the weak policy of the state.

Meanwhile, Nepal Rastra Bank spokesperson Gunakar Bhatt said that although they are recognized remittance companies in Australia, it will be clear from their behavior whether they work through official channels or not.

“If the money sent by them comes through the banking channel, then it is official or not”,

he said,

“But things like money arriving in Nepal in an hour or two and in collaboration with other private banks may not be official.”

According to spokesperson Bhatt, if someone sends money through Hundi, the bank will not take responsibility for its security.

Spokesperson Bhatt said that even though some international remittances affiliated with Rashtra Bank are in Australia, there is no definite information about how much amount Nepal has received from them.

It has not been long since the last time a hundiwal in Melbourne cheated about three million rupees on the pretext of sending money to Nepal and was also prosecuted.

Similarly, a Hundiwall from Granville (Sydney) went missing after making 8,000 dollars sent home by a Nepalese student a month ago.

After that, the hundi business, which slowed down a bit, has now increased again in Nepali shops and Chok Chok in Australia.

Such incidents happen every day but some do not come out.

Due to the weak policies of the Nepal government and the increasing influence of the Hundi, there are still reports that the money of Nepali students has sunk and got trapped in Australia. #MoneyLaundering #Hundi

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