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More than 84,000 people infected with the corona virus have been found in South Korea in one day.

In last night’s statistics, it has been seen that so many infected people have been found.

In addition to this, the health officials here have informed that more than 27.9 million people have been infected here.

Officials also said that at least 80,000 people have been infected here for the past few days.

But this is a little less than the previous day’s 86,852 infected people.

Last week, more than 74,000 infected people were found here. Compared to that, there has been a decrease in the infected here.

Even in this winter season in South Korea, there has not been a significant reduction in the number of people infected with the corona virus.

During the previous week an average of 63,000 people were infected daily. In the last day, 46 people died here due to this infection.

Along with this, more than 31 thousand people have died from covid here.

(Agencies, BBC)

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