Morocco will ban any travelers coming through China.

From next January 3, any traveler coming to Morocco via China will not be allowed to enter.

Australia and Canada are also going to crack down on travelers from China.

Any passenger coming from Australia and Canada via China and Hong Kong will have to show a negative corona report within 48 hours.

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According to the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), passengers coming from China and Hong Kong will have to show a negative report of Corona.

To avoid the increasing risk of a new variant of Corona, the US has already started tightening restrictions on passengers coming from China.

In America, where there was a negative report of Corona, now it is necessary to test for Corona as well.

Earlier, France, UK, Spain, Taiwan, Japan, India, Italy, South Korea and Pakistan also made corona test mandatory for passengers coming from China.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong will open its border with China from next Sunday.

Along with this, mandatory quarantine for travelers will also be cancelled.

Current numbers of Corona infected people in China:

An official said that the quota will be fixed in the first phase of the scheme.

It will be decided who will be allowed to travel.

The Hong Kong authorities have said that the border will be fully opened after this.

According to the Corona Velodrometer, 6649 million 95 thousand 403 people have been infected in the world so far.

6.697 thousand 402 people have died worldwide due to the corona virus that started in Wuhan, China on 11 January 2020.

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The Ministry of Health and Population has urged people to be aware that the risk of infection with the coronavirus (Covid-19) may appear differently.

Omicron’s sub-variant BF.7 has spread rapidly in the neighboring country China, while BF.7 infection has been confirmed in another neighboring country, India, so there is a risk in Nepal as well, the ministry said.

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