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If the fetus and the pregnant woman are in good health, there are usually not many problems. The process of taking birth and giving birth is a gift of nature.

In this, the physical structure of the mother is made to give birth to a child.

Most babies are usually born healthy.

In the case of abnormal pregnancy and the health of the pregnant baby and the pregnant woman, the treatment is necessary to identify the complications.

In Nepal, both parents can take the decision to have a child by surgery. There is very little debate about the long-term health effects of surgery on children.

Modern technology has helped to know what the health status of the unborn child is.

With the development of new technology, it is necessary to debate and discuss whether it is right to give birth naturally or through surgery.

Here, natural means giving birth through the vagina after completion of labor and surgery means giving birth through abdominal incision.

My mother did not go to the hospital even once during my birth.

No doctor was shown. When the day of delivery came, the experienced people of the village helped.

The mother gave birth. It was like that in the village at that time.

Neighboring women used to gather and give birth. The experienced ones handled it.

He used to take care of the baby. This is still the case in many villages in Nepal.

Many Nepalese pregnant women do not consider it mandatory to go to the hospital, get a pregnancy test, stay in touch with a nurse and give birth in a hospital or health center.

A pregnant woman who has worked at the fair all day gives birth at home in the evening, someone gives birth at the fair, and a child is born suddenly after some time.

In such a situation, there is a risk to the health of the unborn child and the pregnant woman.

It also shows that the woman is able to protect her womb and give birth naturally.

Some facts can also be presented that children born in this way remain healthy.

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In developing countries like Nepal, with the development of modern technology, there is an increasing tendency to remove children by surgery until the opportunity is available.

There is also a growing tendency for doctors to perform surgery without consulting the pregnant woman and her family.

It has become a practice to remove the child by surgery.

Many for-profit hospitals easily perform surgeries.

Especially, such hospitals also encourage to give birth through surgery. By doing this, the hospital will benefit more.

In this way, it can be assumed that the work of giving birth naturally will gradually stop.

After talking so much about surgery, it is necessary to discuss some more aspects.

Is it wrong to have a baby by surgery? What are the benefits of having surgery?

There are three main reasons for surgery –

one, due to serious health problems of the child, the child needs to be removed before the time of delivery.

Two, having problems with the mother’s health.

Three, the baby lying flat in the uterus before birth, not moving and the baby being too big.

In such a case, surgery must be done to save the life of the mother and baby.

The biggest advantage of surgery is that it can save the life of mother and baby in complicated cases. There is nothing greater than life.

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Now let’s take a look at the complexities.

How fair is it to choose surgery instead of natural birth?

What are the disadvantages of surgery?

Does surgery reduce the pain of mother and baby?

Is surgery beneficial for the health of mother and baby?

What are the long-term effects?

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After the findings of scientific research in developed countries, Scandinavian countries have started giving special priority to natural birth.

Various scientific researches have concluded that a naturally born infant prepares itself for adaptation to the outside environment.

Similarly, it has been seen that there is no major problem in the breathing of such babies after birth.

Studies have found that natural born babies have fewer health problems than surgically delivered babies.

Another important thing is that during natural birth the baby swallows water, along with the water it swallows beneficial organic and mineral substances.

The conclusion of the studies is that the immune system of the baby is strengthened by this.

There is a higher incidence of disease in children born after surgery compared to natural born children.

Some diseases like asthma, allergies, diabetes are more common in people born through surgery.

Some studies have a different conclusion in the case of the mother.

During natural birth, the mother’s body is well prepared for hormone production.

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Such a mother has a very low chance of infection and complications after delivery.

There are many situations in which the mother’s health is negatively affected during surgery.

Infection, bleeding, prolonged pain etc. are more likely to occur.

Labor pains in natural birth are short-lived. Both mother and baby benefit in the long run.

A natural birth is considered best unless it is forced upon medical advice.

It is important to understand that surgery is only for life-threatening situations.

Use of technology is for convenience but not against nature. It is important for pregnant women and their families to think seriously before giving birth.

It is right to say that the mother has the right to determine the manner of childbirth.

But it seems necessary to pay attention to the fact that the doctor does not recommend surgery for the benefit and income of both the mother and the baby.

by Dr. Dip Raj Thapa

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