Take a look at the restaurants at night, the kuirimandal is visible with hookah smoke. Especially Tanneri Jamaat looks cool in the smoke of hookah.

This wave of hookah has taken many people by making them smoke. Because smoking hookah is not shameful, there are more people who are proud.

Perhaps because of this passion for hookah, hookah has become mandatory in restaurants in the city.

Wherever there is a fence, there is hookah for sure. And, wherever there is a hookah, young men are hanging out.

To put it bluntly, hookah has become fashionable. Even those who have never put a cigarette on their lips are tempted to smoke hookah.

That’s why even those who have never tasted cigarettes since they were teenagers are eager to smoke hookah.

It is well known that cigarette smokers are in the high risk category of cancer.

While hookah has hundreds of properties that are more dangerous than cigarettes, doctors say.

The World Health Organization has also included hookah in tobacco products, which is said to be very harmful to health.

Hookah consumption is more harmful than smoking, senior chest specialist Dr. Raju Pangeni says.

Hookah contains high levels of nicotine, metal particles, carbon monoxide, and carcinogens, which seriously affect health.

Pic: Tar of Hookah

Pangeni says, “The amount of smoke that enters our body when we smoke cigarettes is more than when we smoke hookah.”

If tobacco hookah is used, there is no difference between cigarette smoke and hookah smoke.

Even if you have consumed different flavors of hookah, the coal used in it and the chemicals in the flavor have a very negative effect on your health.

The amount of nicotine in tobacco hookah and flavored hookah can be lower or higher.

However, Pangeni said that the amount of chemicals found in it and its effect on health are the same.

Hookah is 100 times worse than cigarettes

The harmful chemicals released from smoking are many times more than those released from the tobacco products used in hookah.

Pangeni says that hookah releases 100 times more smoke, chemicals and nicotine than cigarettes.

“The smoke coming out of the hookah, which uses tobacco products, has various negative effects on health,” Pangeni says.

If a small percentage of its smoke sticks in our respiratory system or mixes with the blood, it affects many parts of the body.

While tobacco was used in the villages, different flavors are mixed in the hookah popular in the urban areas.

Similarly, carbon monoxide, a harmful gas, is released from the coal that is burned in the hookah.

Pangeni said that the temperature that can’t be reached by the hookah directly affects our respiratory system.

It dries up and shrinks our airways. Problems such as increasing asthma, wheezing and coughing may appear.

Dr. According to Pangeni, coal is used to light the flavored hookah, which releases carbon monoxide.

Different types of chemicals are also used in the plovers.

Therefore, flavored hookah also has a negative effect on health. Compared to tobacco hookah, it will have a little less effect, if not no effect at all.

Risk of heart disease and cancer

Hookah heat, coal and nicotine have been found to cause cancer in the mouth, stomach and bladder. It affects the lungs the most.

Pangeni said that it will cause wheezing in the lungs, long cough, cause and increase asthma and later lead to lung cancer.

“Excessive consumption of hookah increases the possibility of infection and causes uterine cancer and heart disease.”

He said that the risk of pneumonia is also higher for people who continue to smoke hookah.

“In addition to increasing the risk of asthma in people who consume a lot of hookah, there is a possibility that the lungs will dry up later and there is a possibility of developing lung cancer.”

Carbon monoxide released from coal weakens the system that transports oxygen from one place to another in the body.

It reduces the amount of oxygen in the body. Pangeni says that the small metal particles in the hookah increase the possibility of urinary tract cancer and other cancers.

If a pregnant woman has consumed hookah or lived near a person who smokes hookah, it will affect her child.

He says that the child born to that pregnant woman will be underweight and later there will be a risk of breathing problems in the child.

Pangeni said there is also a possibility of viral infection and TB transmission when the hookah pipe used by one person is used by another.

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