Eight people can be saved from one brain death person. Two kidneys, two lungs, heart, liver, pancreas and small intestine can be transplanted into others. After all, after death, the human body will become ashes.

Dr. Pukarchandra Shrestha, director of Dharmabhakta National Transplantation Center and senior kidney disease specialist, says that there is a lack of public awareness about brain death.

What is brain death, what is the state of brain death?

How to prove brain death, which parts of the body work after brain death?

Which organ can be transplanted?

Many people are curious.

Dr. about brain death. Shrestha gives the following information :-

What is brain death?

Even after the brain stops receiving and responding, other parts of the body continue to work for some time.

When the brain is not working and other organs are working, it is called brain death.

Brain death can occur due to a road accident, falling from a tree or a serious head injury.

Similarly, brain death also occurs when there is a stroke.

For example, when blood pressure is high and a blood vessel ruptures and a stroke occurs, when the brain is injured and its functioning capacity decreases, when drug treatment fails and the functioning of the brain ceases completely and never returns, the cessation of functioning is called brain death in common language.

How to prove Brain Death ?

To prove brain death, it can be proved only by fulfilling the points mentioned in the guidelines for organ transplantation after brain death.

A medical examination is required for this.

A person who is suspected of brain death must be examined by two senior doctors to confirm that the brain is no longer fully functioning.

One of the senior doctors must be anaesthetist. The specialist should check the suspect twice with an interval of 6 hours.

After everything is examined, brain death can only be confirmed by expert doctors who confirm that the brain cannot return under any circumstances.

He says, “If they do that under no circumstances, the brain will not return, then that means brain death.

Brain death is when the functioning capacity of the brain does not return completely.

Non-transplantation status

Even if the doctor proves that it is brain death, in some cases it is not possible to transplant an organ.

A person with brain death cannot be transplanted if he or she used any sedatives before the accident.

However, sometimes sedative drugs can lead to brain death. In this case, it should be checked properly.

Similarly, the body should not be very cold. No drug or narcotic substances should be consumed.

Must not have taken muscle relaxants. Acid and electrolyte should not be dissolved in the body.

Even if the blood pressure is very low, it is not possible to transplant an organ in the case of brain death.

Which organs work after Brain Death ?

When the doctor declares brain death, other organs are still functioning.

The heart is moving, the blood pressure is also being done, the lungs are also being kept on the ventilator and the breathing process of the patient is also going on at that time.

Similarly, other organs are moving along with kidney, lung, liver, pancreas, small intestine.

Brain is dead but other organs are not dead. The brain can be transplanted immediately after death.

However, after brain death, other organs gradually lose their function and capacity.

Therefore, it is best to remove it in case of brain death and minor damage to other organs. If you delay, those organs will not work.

Growing trend of transplants in the world ; Brain Death

Eight people are resuscitated from one brain dead person. Two kidneys, two lungs, heart, liver, pancreas and small intestine work.

In the same way, other organs can give light to the eyes, transplant the face, transplant the uterus and give birth to a child.

Recently, the scope of organ transplants is increasing in the world.

Previously, only eight organs were limited to be transplanted. Recently, the rate of transplanted organs is also increasing.

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