The importance of children’s sleep is not only for childhood, but also for adults.

Not being able to sleep well enough to get enough sleep and not being able to sleep has a negative impact on the physical, mental and physical development of childhood.

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This affects his physical and mental health as an adult. A good night’s sleep is also essential for adults.

In this article I have discussed the importance of children’s sleep and the sleeping environment.

Newborn babies want to be close to parents and guardians. Babies feel safe when these people stay close, gently touch them, and gently hum them.

Even if he is crying or shouting, he becomes calm. For young children, crying is an automatic action.

This is why babies sometimes cry for no particular reason.

The main reason for crying or crying is knowing that your parent is not near you.

He shuts up when a parent or someone approaches and touches or gently calls.

Another reason for crying is hunger. Remains calm after injury.

During the first month of birth, the baby insists on breastfeeding. He wants to grow fast.

There is nothing routine about the baby’s sleeping, waking up, eating, defecation and urination etc.

He doesn’t even have his own standards. It can be a bit more difficult, especially for the mother, until such a biological process becomes a normal routine.

The mother may also not be able to sleep properly.

This can also affect the mother mentally.

Therefore, the father and the guardian should help the mother until the child becomes a normal routine in the above mentioned.

Not only the baby’s, but also the mother’s diet and sleep should be paid attention to.

The practice of sleeping with parents

In Nepal, it is customary for children to sleep with their parents.

This practice is in different countries around the world.

It is easier to breastfeed especially when the baby sleeps with the mother, you know immediately if the baby cries at night, you don’t have to get out of bed.

It is easily known even in the case of defecation.

It is believed that the baby should also sleep together to keep him warm.

A strong emotional bond with the infant also prompts co-sleeping.

We Nepalis sleep with our mother for most of our childhood from birth.

A baby feels the mother’s bed as the safest and sweetest. This is often the experience of many of us.

It has been investigated whether such a trend is good towards Sweden in Europe.

The findings suggest that babies sleep alone for at least the first three months.

Because the head and body of a newborn baby are sensitive, there is a possibility that the baby may squirm or squirm during sleep.

Sometimes there can be an accident that kills the child.

Therefore, it is advised to sleep the baby alone for the first three months.

It is important to pay attention to the possibility that the mother’s hand may press the baby when sleeping together.

As much as possible, it is advisable to sleep the child close to the parents, but in such a way that the hands and body are not detected during sleep inattention.

Even if the baby sleeps in the same bed as the mother, it is better to protect the baby by putting a clothes bar around it.

A child’s brain takes a long time to develop. The child cannot move the head and body together.

Therefore, during the first month of birth, when lifting and moving the baby, his body and head should be shielded together.

Care should be taken even after this.

Since when to sleep together?

After the baby is five-six months old, it starts turning itself.

After this the chances of him having an accident in bed are greatly reduced.

After this, you can carefully sleep with the mother. Even when sleeping together, the safety of the child should be taken care of.

The baby is more likely to fall off the bed after turning over on its own, or if it is lying on the floor, it will reach the cold side.

Can be made safe by covering with vinegar, silk or similar soft material.

The importance of baby sleep Getting a child to sleep comfortably is essential for their mental and physical growth and health.

Right after birth, it is necessary to pay special attention to the baby’s sleep.

The baby should be dressed in soft and thin clothes. Heat and cold should be carefully adjusted during children’s sleep.

Appropriate clothing should be worn according to the weather.

According to the weather, the window should be opened slightly and air should be allowed to circulate in the room.

It takes at least six months for a baby to know day and night.

He wakes up at night too, trying to eat.

If the baby’s weight gain is good, after about six months, he should gradually get into the habit of not eating at night.

Babies need a quiet environment to sleep. As he grows up, his bedtime should be the same every day. If this happens, he will sleep better.

Babies’ sleep needs can also vary, although some recent studies have recommended sleep durations.

15 to 18 hours of sleep is required for the first year. 12-14 hours for the next two years, 11-12 hours for the next three years.

After this, 6 to 12 years of age require 10-11 hours of sleep and 12 to 18 years of age require 8-9 hours of sleep.

A child’s adequate and restful sleep is essential for his brain growth, memory retention and physical development.

Sleep is very important as hormones are also made only during sleep.

It is good to develop special habits or routines of biological processes of sleeping, eating-drinking, defecation-urinating from childhood.

If there is no such routine, there is fear that the child’s sleep will be disturbed.

Even if the environment is favorable, if the child is not able to sleep, there may be an illness.

It is also necessary to pay attention to this.

mother’s sleep

A mother’s sleep needs to be taken care of just like a baby’s.

If the mother is unable to sleep because of the child, the father should take care of the child and let him sleep.

If the mother does not sleep well, it can affect her mentally.

Effects of smoking

Another important factor is related to the smoking habits of parents and other guardians.

Children’s health is adversely affected by secondhand smoke from parents and guardians.

Smoking while holding and holding a child is the same as smoking on your own.

In terms of impact, it is even more than that. Even if you don’t smoke nearby, it’s not advisable to go near a baby, sleep with him or carry him immediately after smoking.

Like smoking, alcohol consumption also affects the baby.

It is necessary to pay attention to both these aspects.

If the child is not sleeping properly, then treatment should be done immediately.

(Dr. Deepraj Thapa studied in Sweden as a specialist nurse in primary care and health promotion for children. He is also a professor at a university there)

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