Cigarettes contain various cancer-causing chemicals such as ‘hydrocarbon’, ‘benzene’ and others. Its effect is from the lungs to all parts of the body.

Among them, cigarette smoke in the throat is more likely to cause cancer.

The neck does not mean only the neck. It includes food pipe to larynx.

Cigarette smoke can cause cancer in these parts.

Many people may have a question, how many cigarettes can you get cancer?

Or how many years of smoking can cause cancer?

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There is no exact answer. Human body, conditions are different.

It can damage some people quickly and others after a long time. There is no guarantee that most smokers will get cancer.

However, the risk of cancer is high for smokers.

And be careful

You have been smoking for a long time. In this situation, your voice changed.

As the voice can be hoarse, it can be slurred.

Don’t pretend that you have a cold or a cold at this time.

Because if there is a change in the voice for three consecutive weeks, then a cancer test should be done.

If there is cancer in the throat of smokers, the voice will start to change.

Then it becomes difficult to swallow food.

Breathing becomes difficult. As if having increased breath.

When neck pain starts, you should go to the doctor.

A biopsy should be done. Because changes in voice and wheezing are the primary symptoms of cancer.

Cancer of the nose and ears also

Smokers are not only at risk of throat, but also nose and ear cancer.

If there are problems like sore throat, nasal allergy, it can be a symptom of cancer.

Besides, smoking also causes other ear related problems.

Treatment is easy in the initial moment

Want to quit smoking?

As soon as there is a change in the voice of the person who smokes, he must go to the hospital. The sooner you can go to the hospital, the faster the treatment can be.

The longer one smokes, the higher the risk of cancer.

As soon as the symptoms of cancer appear, if you go to the hospital and consult a doctor, treatment is possible according to the stage of the cancer.

Endoscopy should be done to find out which part of the neck is swollen or has symptoms of cancer.

If cancer is suspected during endoscopy, a biopsy should be done.

A biopsy is used to determine if it is cancer or not.

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The treatment method depends on how far the cancer has spread and what stage it is.

If you reach the hospital in the first stage, its treatment is easy.

If there is second and third stage, the treatment is complicated.

For example, if a first-stage cancer is detected in a person’s breathing tube, it can be removed with a laser.

If second and third stage cancer is detected in the same person, if it has spread too much, the larynx itself may have to be removed through major surgery.

You may have to live with a hole in your neck for the rest of your life.

Let’s quit smoking

Therefore, smoking should be avoided to avoid various health problems along with cancer.

The risk of asthma, cancer and other health problems can be avoided from the day after quitting smoking.

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