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With the purchase of Twitter, Elon Musk has not only changed its policies and the working style of its employees, but has also made the headquarters of the company in San Francisco interesting.

According to a recent public news, Musk has built a bedroom for the employees who work overtime inside the Twitter headquarters.

According to the news published in Forbes, when Twitter employees reached the office on Monday, they saw medium-sized bedrooms (bedrooms) with unopened mattresses and hanging curtains.

Also, a large conference room equipped with telepresence monitors has also been built in the office.

A picture of a room published by Forbes shows a bright orange carpet, a wooden bedside table, a queen-size bed, a table lamp and two chairs.

Forbes mentioned that even though sleeping rooms were built for employees at the Twitter headquarters, the employees were not informed about this.

It is said that these bedrooms may have been prepared for employees who want to work according to Musk’s new working hours plan.

Quoting one of the employees, it is written in the news – It did not look good. This is another unspoken sign of humiliation. There has been no discussion on this issue.

Only the beds are shown. Last November, a Twitter employee tweeted a picture of an employee sleeping in the office. Last month, Elon Musk fired a large number of employees at Twitter.

After that, some senior executives resigned en masse. Addressing the remaining employees at the headquarters in San Francisco after the departure of many employees, Musk said that now everyone has to work hard.

He also said that everyone has to work extra hard and work up to 80 hours a week to fix Twitter. He warned that all employees should come to the office compulsorily and if they do not do so, they will accept their resignation.

He said that now the facilities like free food in the office will be very less.

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