People who have the problem of bleeding from the stool go to the hospital for treatment of piles. Especially in case of piles, fistula, fissure, there is blood in the stool.

Similarly, there is blood in the stool when there is constipation and intestinal problems. The main problem of bleeding with stool is in the fissure. A fissure is when the anus is torn.

If there is difficulty or force during defecation, the anus is torn and fissured. In such a situation, blood may be seen in the stool.

Swelling of the anus or the veins inside it is called piles. If it is swollen on the outside, it bleeds a lot but the pain is less. There are many types of fistula.

Anal fistula is the problem of bleeding in the stool. This problem is caused by the accumulation of pus in the rectal canal. Fistula causes a lot of pain, change in stool and bleeding.

In this, rather than blood, water and pus come out from a small tube near the anus, and there is a fear of infection.

Another is constipation, when there is blood in the stool. Internal piles also bleed. Inflammatory Bowel Disease also shows blood in the stool. This is a kind of problem in the intestines.

In particular, it is a digestive problem, which leads to many other problems. There is a problem of bleeding and not having proper stools. In the same way, blood passes in the stool even when the meat is digested in the large intestine.

One of the causes of bleeding in the stool is cancer. This is a rare problem. Even if there is cancer, blood is seen in the stool. However, people start treating piles as soon as they see blood in their stool.

While the piles are being treated, other problems may become complicated. Having this kind of problem is due to our habit of eating outside the house, which is not healthy. Starry and fried, spicy, floury foods cause such problems.

This problem appears in all ages

Previously, people over the age of 40 had piles. Nowadays, people’s lifestyle is very chaotic, due to which there is a risk of piles even in children.

Symptoms same, disease different

All rectal diseases have the same symptoms. That’s why people bow down. In case of such a problem, the first thing to do is to see a specialist gastrologist and a practicing GI.

Based on the patient’s experience and symptoms, the first step is clinical examination. It finds out what disease is causing the bleeding.

If it is not detected by that, then a colonoscopy should be done. A colonoscopy is performed by inserting a telescope through the anus to see the condition of the intestines. The rest is revealed from this.

Patients come to complain that they have piles as soon as they see blood in their stool. A person with piles may experience bleeding and rectal bleeding but no pain.

If there is bleeding from the anus and pain during defecation, it is checked for other diseases. If there is a slippery substance mixed with blood and mucus in the stool, if the stomach is in severe pain, then there may be a problem with the large intestine.

Tendency to prescribe drugs without clinical trials

Most of the people have a tendency to take medicine from the random pharmacy without testing, saying that the medicine will cure them. In this way, taking drugs indiscriminately increases the risk of making the problem worse.

The trend is increasing that most of the patients are being treated late for years even if they are cured in a short time by taking medicine without any examination. This not only wastes time but also increases complications with random drugs.

The best thing to do is to see a practicing GI surgeon as soon as symptoms appear, and only if there is a bowel problem is it necessary to see a Gastrologist.

Only 90 percent of people who do not have knowledge about piles, fissures, fistulas and do not get expert treatment will continue to treat it as an expert. They spread delusions about food to patients.

They used to give a long list of fresh and clean foods available at home, telling them which pulses and vegetables they should not eat. As a result, the patient becomes more deficient in nutrients.

The most that should be avoided is starchy food, meat more than the body needs and junk food. But nutritious food available at home can be eaten as a balanced meal by making a daily schedule.

If home-made food is eaten, the patient will lack vitamins and minerals and the body will become weak. Paying attention to the amount of food, but if you stop eating, another health problem may occur.

Similarly, the possibility of getting diseases like constipation and piles with any medicine is low. But if any medicine is constipating, the doctor says that you should drink more water first.

Some patients such as kidney failure, paralysis, cancer and those who have to rest in bed may have this problem.

What to do to prevent problems?

When the food available at home is lentil, rice, fish, and meat which are needed by the body, do not limit these things, eat salad is mandatory, eat less meat on the day of eating meat and include salad.

Adequate drinking of water, vegetables and daily fruits should be given priority. Avoid eating outside food as much as possible, reduce the amount of food made from flour, and increase physical exercise.

Treatment is easy in Nepal but lack of public awareness

Almost everyone has not been able to treat such diseases because they are not recognized. Unofficial organizations and people who do not have knowledge about such diseases also cause problems when they give drugs randomly.

Being shy to show private parts, secretly taking medicine from a shop, the pain remains there. Many people have a misconception that Ayurveda medicine will cure them.

It is important to know that there is no Ayurveda doctor. Piles, fistula, fissure, constipation are temporary diseases and can be cured quickly if treated by a specialist doctor.

Going to a specialist for treatment makes treatment easier. Many people do not agree that if they have piles, they will go to the hospital and undergo surgery. But now technology has made it very easy.

Treatment of piles is also done without treatment. Which can be easily availed in Nepal as well. Fissures can also be cured with medicines and ointments. Fistula can be cured by minor surgery.

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