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Liver is an important organ of the body, which not only helps to digest food but also helps to remove toxins from the body. If fat accumulates in the liver it is called fatty liver .

Fatty Liver symptoms, treatment :

The liver also stores energy in the form of glucose. But due to bad routine and disordered eating, the problem of fat accumulation in the liver, i.e. ‘fatty liver‘, has started to be seen in many people.

Fat that accumulates in this way interferes with the functioning of the liver.

Fatty liver occurs when more than five percent of fat accumulates in the liver. Fatty liver problems can be reduced by improving lifestyle.

There is no sign of it. However, if not treated on time, it can cause long-term and serious health problems.

Akhilesh Kashyap says. People who eat too much fatty and carbohydrate-rich food and do not exercise daily who are not physically active will start to see the problem of obesity.

Along with the problem of obesity, fatty liver is also seen in such people, he says.

Previously, the problem of cirrhosis of the liver, which gradually dried up due to swelling of the liver and could not work, was caused by excessive consumption of alcohol and hepatitis B and C.

But recently it has been found that the number of liver cirrhosis due to fatty liver has increased.

Fatty liver may not show any symptoms in most people. But some may experience fatigue, discomfort or heaviness in the upper right side of the stomach, he says.

Complexity of fatty liver

When fat accumulates in the liver, the functionality of the liver is completely affected and due to this, the liver does not work.

Kashyap says that if it is not treated, the person suffering from it may develop the problem of ‘liver cirrhosis’.

“During cirrhosis of the liver, the alimentary canal ruptures and bleeding from the mouth, fainting, swelling of the limbs due to lack of protein in the body, fluid in the stomach and increasing the problem of fatty liver can cause serious problems including cancer,” he says.

How to avoid fatty liver?

Fatty liver and its complications can be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle, reducing fat in food, and protecting the liver from infection.

Similarly, one way to avoid fatty liver is to not drink alcohol.

If you have fatty liver due to obesity and unhealthy food, you should increase physical activity. Body fat should be reduced by exercising daily,’ said Dr. Kashyap says.


There are different stages of fatty liver. After the first, second, third and fourth stage, if it reaches the stage of fibrosis and cirrhosis, there is no treatment for it.

A liver transplant is necessary. If there is only a fatty liver condition, it can be saved from reaching the condition of fibrosis and cirrhosis.

For this, special attention should be paid to diet and daily exercise, Dr. Kashyap says, “If someone’s liver function test does not come back normal, they have to take medicine.”

Something to note

In order to prevent fat accumulation in the liver, you should eat foods that are low in fat and carbohydrates.

Those with diabetes, cholesterol and high blood pressure problems can also suffer from this problem, so they should pay special attention to controlling diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity.

In the initial stage of fatty liver, the patient does not show any symptoms.

It was found that the patient has fatty liver due to some other health problem as per the doctor’s advice during the CT scan.

Therefore, people with obesity, cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure should have their health checked from time to time.

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