Now the discussion of Chat GPT is increasing day by day in World.

Nepal has become the second country in the world for searching about chat GPT on Google.

China is in the first place, followed by Norway in the third place and Singapore in the fourth place.

Open AI is the organization that developed and invented Chat GPT.

The team of researchers and engineers associated with this company work on cutting-edge developments in artificial intelligence.

One of the founders of this company is the richest man in the world, Elon Musk.

However, he is now out of the company. As much interest has been generated by Chat GPT worldwide, Microsoft has already signed an agreement to invest 10 billion dollars in it within the next few years.

So what is Chat GPT ?

Chat GPT is a language model developed by Open AI.

Chat GPT was invented to advance and expand conversational AI technology. In this we can get answers in the same style as we chat.

It saves time by giving the most accurate answers to the questions asked in a short time. Common people think that it gives suitable answers compared to Google.

How is Chat GPT benefiting people?

Anytime you ask a question to Chat GPT, it answers easily. It also helps students studying in schools and colleges.

When homework is difficult, you can ask for help on Chat GPT, it will also help you with homework. You get answers to your questions the way you want them.

Teachers may not even know whether all students have completed their homework with the help of chat GPT.

There is also a software to know whether the chat is working from GPT or not.

Valentine’s Day is also going on now. If you don’t feel like writing a love letter, don’t worry. Chat GPT writes the letter itself.

Chat GPT will help you write a love letter for the person you love if you tell them what to write about. It can translate languages.

If you want to send an email to someone and don’t know how to write it, don’t worry.

If you request to write an email with whatever you need to keep, the email will be written accordingly. Chat GPT can also write news.

What’s more interesting is that a professor from Wharton University in the US asked Chat GPT some questions prepared for MBE.

Chat GPT passed the test. Dharai sees the chatGPT, which is creating a sensation around the world, as the ease of work in the future.

For example, a financial institution can process loan applications with the help of ChatGPT and redeploy other human resources within the same institution.

This will benefit the organization.

Even if you don’t know how to use Microsoft’s Word, Excel, etc. and are in trouble because of that, he will easily show you the way to solve your problem. Acting accordingly will also help you.

If you need to develop any software, Chat Gpity can write the code for it. Can solve difficult math questions ‘step by step’.

Not everything about Chat Zipty is positive.

The excessive use of chat zipty has raised the question of whether people are completely dependent on the technology.

In the same way, the question has arisen whether people’s ability to make critical comments and solve problems will decrease.

Even so, it cannot translate properly into Nepali language. It helps in English language easily.

With its increasing use, the question has also started to arise whether people should be unemployed if most of the jobs that people do are done by chat zipty.

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