British Prince Harry‘s autobiography ‘Spare’ will be released next week. Harry chronicles his life experiences in a spare to be published by Penguin Random House.

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His book mentions the atmosphere within the British royal family and the life experienced by Harry, who succeeded in creating an empire that never sets.

British newspaper The Guardian has obtained the book ahead of its publication.

In the book, Harry also mentions the treatment of members of the British royal family after his marriage to American actress Meghan Markle.

After getting married, he said that his brother William put his hands on him once during a dispute.

Harry mentions in the book that William grabbed him by the waist and knocked him to the ground and that he suffered minor injuries.

Harry also wrote that William used various words to abuse Meghan.

His book mentions that William told Meghan not to tell Meghan about the sibling feud, and that Meghan later found out about it herself.

Meghan and Harry married in May 2018. American actress Meghan is black.

She had passed away before marrying Harry. Meghan’s arrival as a daughter-in-law in the royal family of a country like Britain was considered by many as a progressive step.

Harry and Meghan’s life has not been easy within the British royal family, which operates on traditional customs and practices.

Harry and Meghan abdicated and moved to the United States, unable to tolerate the misbehavior and derision of other family members.

After moving to the US, Harry and Meghan have been publicizing their experiences in the British royal family through television interviews, a Netflix series and a book.

At the same time, Harry coined the word spare, which means extra or substitute, as the name of his book.

There is an old saying in British royal and aristocratic families – the eldest son inherits the throne and wealth, if something happens to the eldest, there is another son as a substitute.

Based on this statement, Harry named his book Spare.

What is discussed is that British King Charles said to his wife Diana after the birth of Harry – You gave me an heir, now there is an alternative.

That’s all I got! Harry has also included this episode in his book. Diana died in a car accident in Paris in 1997.

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