Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has reiterated his commitment not to bow to Russia.

Zelensky, who visited the US for the first time after Russia attacked Ukraine, addressed the joint meeting of both houses of the US Parliament and promised not to surrender.

Zelensky said that Ukraine is still standing against Russia’s aggression, and he also thanked American leaders and the American people for helping to fight against Russia’s aggression.

He also promised that there would be no compromise in efforts to end the war.

Saying that President Joe Biden has accepted the 10-point proposal he put forward for peace, Zelensky said that every US lawmaker should also approve it.

He said he visited the US to continue US support for the defense of his country.

In his impassioned speech, he appealed to help Ukraine in its efforts to defeat Russia, saying that US military and financial support would be more necessary in the future.

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“The money you give us is not a donation,” he said. “It is an investment in global security and democracy, which we handle in the most responsible way.”

Calling Russia a terrorist, Zelensky said he was sure that the US Congress would be a force to teach the terrorists a lesson.

The next year will be a turning point in the conflict, he said, adding that Ukrainian courage and American resolve will guarantee the future of our common freedom.

Before that, during the talks with President Biden in White House, Zelensky made it clear that he cannot lose the country’s borders for peace.

He said that he could not compromise for peace by losing the borders of the country.

During the talks, US President Biden announced the necessary additional assistance to Ukraine and announced the provision of high-tech Patriot defense systems.

President Joe Biden called Russia’s brutal attack on Ukraine’s right to exist, vowing that the US and Ukraine would maintain their joint defense and help regain lost territory.

America has been helping Ukraine the most to fight against Russia.

The United States has aided Ukraine with $18.5 billion as of December 16.

Zelenskiy has been appealing to the international community for more support as the defense sector is spending 5 billion dollars per month.

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